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Similar to another new friend

July 27, 2012 friendship Spam 0

From: Re majer <>
Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2012 5:01 PM
Subject: Hello Dear?

Hello Dear?

Am miss Rebeca,interested in you,and
wish to have you as my friend,
for friend is all about Respect, Admiration and love passion,
and sharing of ideas,
i intend to send my picture for you, if you reply me.
thanks from Rebeca.

Merhaba Sevgili,

Am özledim sizi ilgilenen Rebeca, ve
arkada m olarak sahip olmak isteyen,
arkada için tüm, sayg , hayranl k ve sevgi tutku hakk nda
ve fikir payla m
sana bana cevap bile, sizin için benim resim göndermek niyetinde.
Rebeca gelen te ekkürler.

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