From a Fan #3 – Make over $8,614/month working at home? Find out how…

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From a Fan #3 – Make over $8,614/month working at home? Find out how…

November 17, 2017 phishing Spam 2

This is a new one, that I haven’t covered before…the perfect lure for those that desperately need money, but aren’t quite taken in by the rest of the money spam.

I love how this email comes from only ‘af’  and can’t even address the recipient by name. Also its interesting that the email domain is  while the links point to and the removal email is to while the unsubscribe and the ‘check it out’ link both point to the takeactivesteps link.

From: af <> on behalf of J.Daniels <>
Sent: Thursday, November 9, 2017 1:57:09 PM
Subject: Make over $8,614/month working at home? Find out how…

Hey [fname]],

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a THOUSAND times..

I’m sick of bogus claims and fake “businesses in a box”.

That’s why I’m STOKED to finally share this little secret with you.

This secret has literally lined my pockets with over $1.1 million in

the last 120 days alone. This is no hype, here’s the proof

You can finally quit wasting your time and money on “work at home”

products that bleed you dry. In fact, if you’ll do me a favor, and

watch this quick video that explains everything in detail..

.. I’ll guarantee you’ll make $500, minimum.

Let me repeat that in case you glanced over this line too quickly..

I promise you $500 cash if you move forward, MINIMUM.

It’s literally impossible for you to make LESS than $500.


Click here to make it happen. We’ll take this video down once

we reach capacity, which could be any minute now.

See you there!
Jordan Daniels

PS: Here’sa the link: http://

; )

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