Diplomat Mark Abraham is contacting me again

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Diplomat Mark Abraham is contacting me again

July 1, 2017 money launder Spam 2

———- Original Message ———-
From: Diplomat Mark Abraham <diplomat.markabraham1@zoho.com>
To: Spam A Lot <spam@thegreatspamproject.com>
Date: June 22, 2017 at 3:36 AM
Subject: Attention

Urgent attention to the recipient,

 This is Diplomatic Agent Mr.Mark Abraham from UPS
 Shipping Company Benin Republic,I have been mandated to deliver your
 ATM CARD worth $5.5 Million United States dollars from UPS
 Benin Republic to your doorpost and I am presently in
 Terminal 4 in San Diego International Airport California,which
 serves as a major international hub for Delta Air Lines at Atl, I
 arrived San Diego int’l Airport California yesterday at about 11:15am
 I have under-gone custom inspection at the airport but I am still
 having a little problem here with San Diego INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT USA
 Authority intercepting the ATM CARD with regards to the Inspection
 Tag which is delaying my coming to the address you supplied to make
 the delivery to you, They persisted that I must obtain the Inspection
 Tag  from the shipment origin before I will be allow to make my
 delivery to you at residence address,otherwise they will inspect the
 package since is sending from individual to individual.
 I presented the Clearance certificate, Yellow Tag and my American Gate
 Passing certificate but they refused,All the legal back up papers to
 prove to them that your fund in ATM CARD is not related
 with drug nor terrorism act, has being submitted and handed over to
 the San Diego INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT USA here and they are very much
 pleased with the papers,
 Moreover, the only thing delaying me here at airport was Inspection
 Tag which is not placed on the ATM CARD to avoid them not to inspect your
 ATM CARD  , they insisted that the Tag
 must be place on the ATM CARD before they can issue approval stamp to
 enable me deliver your ATM CARD successfully to your personal receipt
 today without any interference, the cost is $150 USD only to get the
 In addition you can direct the tag fee to our Head Office as they will
 get the tags over there according to per instruction given to me here
 by the Airport Authority at San Diego INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT USA.
 Use the details below to send the required charge fee $150.00 via
 Western Union or Money Gram Money Transfer to enable the delivery
Receiver’s Name== Philip Obiorah
Country========= BENIN REPUBLIC
City============  COTONOU
 Question== when.
Answer……. now.
Amount……. $150
 I wait your reply with the payment confirmation details so I can
 forward the details to our company in Cotonou Benin Republic for
 immediate action of securing the needed Inspection Tag so that I can
 deliver your ATM CARD to your personal receipt today
 Thank you & God Bless.  
 Always At Your Service,
 MR.  Mark  Abraham
 +1-814 240 3625
Benin Republic? I haven’t even heard of that that one, but if it does exist I am certain that Diplomat Mark Abraham is not there, as last I heard he was in Australia trying to get me some money.

Any why would a diplomat work for UPS? And why would he be attempting to deliver money to me through San Diego, when I’m not near San Diego and have much closer International airports?

Another question is…why would he have money for me on an ATM card? I’m pretty sure that banks in Cotonou Benin Republic and banks in the U.S. would just transfer money via wire and routing numbers.


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