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A collection of Spam

Pakistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Burkino Faso

Pakistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Burkino Faso..this guy went for broke and managed to get all the best scamming countries in here.   From: Mr. Sohal Arfan Latif <> Sent: Sunday, October 29, 2017, 7:43:04 AM CDT Subject: HELLO Dear Friend, Good day to you and your family. I apologize if the content here-under are…
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February 14, 2018 0

email from France, scam from Africa

From: “skabore5@” <skabo> Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2017, 11:35:30 AM CDT Subject: I NEED YOUR HELP FOR THIS TRANSFER(US$4.5 M.D),Reply with (safi.kabore00@hotm ). Dear Friend, Sorry for intruding into your privacy search, This is Ms Safi Kabore work with the department of Audit and accounting manager here in the Bank of Africa,…
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February 7, 2018 0

A dear friend…without a name

I am a dear friend…without a name.But at least he kept the same name through the whole email   From: mr.hassan muhammad <hassanmu ha68@fasost> Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2017, 6:03:09 PM CDT Subject: Dear Friend, Dear Friend, With due respect to your person and much sincerity of purpose, I make this contact with you as I believe…
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January 31, 2018 2

Hey! This one is in Australia

but he is syrian. ———- Original Message ———- From: “Col. Hussein Harmush.” <> To: undisclosed-recipients:; Date: November 9, 2017 at 3:08 AM Subject: Hello Friend On November 9, 2017 at 3:08 AM “Col. Hussein Harmush.” <> wrote:   — Dear Friend, My name is Col. Hussein Harmush, An Army officer from Syria but now living…
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December 8, 2017 0

What does an Envirnmental Agency have to do with Inheritance?

I love how they included the message twice…I guess it was that important. They are even using the U.N. email address. Shamine Steven <> Oct 4 at 8:26 AM INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION MOVEMENT ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COUNCIL Funds Office United Nations Protection Movement Regional Office South Africa Regus House,26 Wellington Rd,Parktown Postal Code:2193 Johannesburg South Africa Website…
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October 19, 2017 0

They keep telling me how uncooperative I am

..but I am making it very easy for them to find me through here. Though it doesn’t tell me why they want to give me money. I am not certain I can pronounce the email address though…bdhfjsvhd… This guy isn’t very imaginative, even though he changes the email address, he still uses the same name.…
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October 5, 2017 0

Starling Bank wants to give me money, as long as I send some first

Starling Bank in Nigeria wants to give me money, but their email seemed a little strange to me. At least I have to hand it to them, they just give it all to me straight and simple without a cancer story and they don’t really want that much money. —–Original Message—– From: Starling Bank []…
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August 4, 2017 1

Now I have Orphans soliciting me

How many of us address ourselves as ‘ms.” unless we are school teachers? I don’t evne think they do that any more Also note that the email is from Zak Nes, yet she caller her self MS. Ines. Also notice that her fathers name started as Dr. Yak Arop and became Justin Yak one line…
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July 30, 2017 0

Another Dying Widow

Do we really need an explanation of why this is bad? Greetings in the name of God. On Wednesday, June 28, 2017 2:22 PM, Mrs. Regina Robert <> wrote: Dearest beloved friend. PLEASE ENDEAVOR TO USE IT FOR THE CHILDREN OF GOD. As you read this, I don’t want you to feel sorry for me,…
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July 25, 2017 0