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A collection of Spam


Representative Solicitors to the United Nations

I like the take on this one. It’s a whole new approach (at least for me) claiming that I have been taken in my one of these spam emails and that they want me to help the investigation. Notice they never say this will pay me, they are just looking for an avenue in. Todd…
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October 12, 2017 2

Is Malaysia the new Africa?

It would appear there is a new country in the running.     From: Jessica Philip <> To: Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2012 7:48 AM Subject: CONFIDENTIAL DEAL   GREETINGS. This mail might come to you as a surprise but please consider it as a divine wish and accept it with a deep sense of…
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February 16, 2013 0

At least this ATM card makes some sense

and the sender wasn’t lazy.   From: John DIALLO <> To: Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2012 7:09 AM Subject: ATM Card have been approved in your favor   Hello, In line with the United Nations millennium development goal to eradicate poverty and hunger by the year 2015 I am directed to inform you that your…
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February 15, 2013 0

Its not Africa

but it’s still a rich widow of an oil baron dying of cancer, Can we have something new?   From: Carlow Charles <> To: Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2012 6:33 PM Subject: Re — My Name is Mrs. Carlow Charles, My late husband Dr. Yuri Petrov who was an Oil Merchant and international businessman deposited…
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February 14, 2013 0

A cinderella story in the making? Or maybe snow white?

  From: Vivian John Paul <> To: Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2012 11:50 AM Subject: My Dearest i need your help and assistant. My Dearest,     It is with profound respect and humble submission, I beg to state the following few lines for your kind consideration. I hope you will spare some of your valuable…
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July 29, 2012 5

Those Barristers are looking pretty untrustworthy too…

From: Barrister Anthony Floyd <> To: Sent: Saturday, June 9, 2012 6:04 PM Subject: Dear Friend,I am Barrister Anthony Floyd,an attorney at law. A deceasedclient of minethat bears same last name as yours, who here in after shall be referred toas my client, died as the result of a heart-related condition on the 11November 2001.…
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July 21, 2012 0

And this is one that was forwarded to me.

I have seen this one, with some variations. Thank you Eric. From: Eric W. To: Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 7:51 AM Subject: Fw: ****70% should be used for charitable goals and 30% should be for you!**** — On Tue, 5/29/12, Mrs. Hu SEA Food Ltd <> wrote: From: Mrs. Hu SEA Food Ltd…
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July 7, 2012 0

and this one is just bad all the way around

I could tear this one into so many pieces, but it’s not worth the effort. From: savadogo mahama To: . <> Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2012 9:18 AM Subject: YOUR URGENT RESPONSE IS NEEDED URGENT ACTION HIGHLY NEEDED FROM: MR. SAVADOGO MAHAMA. BANK OF AFRICA (B.O.A) OUAGADOUGOU BURKINA FASO WEST AFRICA. DEAR FRIEND, I know…
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June 17, 2012 1

 Today’s spam is a duplicate of the one I posted on 4/29 Deceased Client Scam.  The only difference is the email subject and the date. —–Original Message—– From: Joseph Onalia Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2012 8:46 AM Subject: Hoest Cooperation Needed. Dear Friend, I am Joseph Onalia, an Attorney by profession from Republic of Togo, Senior Advocate…
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May 2, 2012 0