At least it’s not Burkina Faso again

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At least it’s not Burkina Faso again

January 2, 2013 phishing Spam 0

I promised you guys a while ago that I would stop posting those, after all, they were all the same and I was sick of them. Unfortunately it seems 50% of them are the same scam, even the same text body. There must be a template you get for these.

Sent: Thursday, August 2, 2012 3:35 PM


How are you today?

Peace be unto you my good friend. I am the only surviving child of Abdullah Ocalan,The leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).My father actively fought for the liberation and unification of our people (The Kurds) under one sovereign nation which earned him the support of many and being branded a rebel by others.He amassed a lot of money garnered fromsupporters and sympathisers alike from which he kept quite a lot for his family’suse.l will want you to go through this site and know more about Abdullah Ocalan.

Before his sudden arrest in 1999,he confided in me the where abouts of this money which is ($45Mand)Fourty five Million united State Dollars and instructed me to find means of investing the funds far away from the reach of the Turkishgovernment who have frozen most of the accounts and assets of the PKK.I need you to invest this money for the benefit of my Five year old son Hassan.He is all that is left of the Ocalan family.A few months ago I was diagnosed with cancer and was told by doctors that I have no long time to live.My dear father will not be released by the Turkish government any time soon.All I ask of you is to assist in the transfer and investment of the funds in a neutral country on behalf of my son hassan untill he is of age.l want you to send to me your contact address,your phone number,your Occupation and your Age.Once you get back to me,

l will tell you on how you can contact the bank where the money is deposited. Right now i am in the hospital where i ran to with my only son.

Khan Ocalan.
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