An Interview Request?

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An Interview Request?

October 2, 2017 Employment job scam 3

I’m currently looking for a job, so I expect to see a lot more work scam/spam. I did not apply for this position. The fact that it is generically addressed to ‘Applicant’ is a good start for a scam, but also the fact that from and CC email address don’t match, they all have different servers. There is no company name anywhere in the email and it looks like two ‘applicants’ were copied on the same email.

Other things that point to a scam are the fact that they want you to connect only through google hangouts and they signed off as human resources.

From: Gary Joe []
Sent: Sunday, August 20, 2017 8:00 AM
Subject: Resume Approved !!!

Dear Applicant,

This is Valve Software Company . ..Your resume has been reviewed on which you posted On-Site and you have made it to the NEXT STEP for the job opening you sent your resume for the order entry rep.The Positions Available are : Data Entry , Accounting Clerk ,Office Assist, Registration Rep Candidate, Security,  Front Desk,Customer Service / Call Center Rep , Administrative Assist,IT Consultant, Electrical Engineer.

Your resume was shortlisted for an on-line interview with the personnel hiring manager Mr Mike Belzer via Gmail hangout following email address ( . Add Him to your buddy list and send Him an IM, He will be on-line waiting for you ASAP to conduct the interview for you.If you don’t have a Google hangout ID you are required to set up one at ( ) and download an instant Google hangout application . IM Mr Mike Belzer when done creating a Google hangout on

Your verification code is (AAC-0334), this would serve as your identification number throughout the on-line hiring process. Your timely response matters a lot.

We look forward to having you on the team.

Interview Scheduled : On-line.

Pay-Rate : $40/75hr

Interview Time: 8am -4pm

Venue: On-line Via google hangout Messenger

Training is Available

A timely response is appreciated

Best Regards

Human Resources


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  1. John Costello says:

    Dear Kattosha,

    I too have received the same type of interview approved request from the same person “Mike Belzer.” Did you receive the check or documents that were supposed to be sent out with the check to buy the equipment as well as all of the HR paper work and documents? What happened the next day after you had made contact with Mike? Did he want all of your sensitive and confidential information? At the moment I am waiting till Friday to see if he actually sent out any of the documents or information regarding the job and its responsibilities and duties. Also in my case he said he was working with Energizer Holdings Inc. I am hesitant about him because he never called me on the phone, wanted to setup a Skype call, or even ask for my references for a $58,000 job.

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