Western Union Scam

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Western Union Scam

July 15, 2017 Lame attempt money launder phishing Spam 0

This has all the big markers of STOP!!! If someone you knows falls for this please beat them soundly with a pool noodle.

Attention Please!!!

On Monday, June 19, 2017 10:52 PM, Mrs. Roger Meyer <paul.kate@tim.it> wrote:
Hello Dear customer,
Hope this reach you on good health condition?
On behalf of the management of entire Western Union Office in West Africa
including Federal Republic of Nigeria and Benin, I write to inform you that
after the general meeting held on 30th of May 2017, we concluded with the
federal authority that your funds will no longer be transferred through
western union means of sending money worldwide. This issue was investigated
and addressed by the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Governing
Board of Central Bank because of the unnecessary delay of your payment. It was
further noticed that your funds has been unnecessarily delayed by corrupt
officials of some banks and other government officials as well as some Western
Union agents in those countries. Currently your payment has been recommended
and approved by the federal authority that an official ATM card will be
delivered to you within 72 hours.
We therefore agreed with the federal authority that your total fund of five
million United States Dollars ($5,000,000.00USD) will be uploading in office
ATM card because it will also take much time to transfer such huge amount by
western union. This led to the agreement that you will be sent an ATM card
with the value of five million United States Dollars ($5,000,000.00USD). It
will also put a stop on hopeless situation created by those officials who
claimed to be in charge of your funds. Your fund is now credited in ATM card
in your favor and deactivated for security reasons.
The federal authority in their view to making the delivery of your ATM
successful, appointed UBA BANK GROUP ATM director Mr. Thomas Sears to take
charge of the transaction. He is the only director in charge of your funds
now, you are advised now to stop any further communication with other offices
including western union and money gram. Western Union is no longer in charge
of your funds, if you receive any mail telling you to contact western union,
kindly know that it’s a fake and it will be treated as fraud mail. They also
ordered some secret security to monitor the director until you receive your
ATM card and withdraw all your funds. Note/ to forward him your full details
such as.
1,Your Full Name:…………………
2,Your Complete Address: ……………
3,Direct Telephone Number:…………
Contact Mr. Thomas Sears now at (customerdeptmailbox@web.co.zw) office line:
+22962521040 OR +229 94895261 Call him immediately you emailed him for urgent 
response on
what to do next.
Mrs. Roger Meyer
Management of Western Union West Africa
  1. none of the addresses match Western Union
  2. the addresses change
  3. they refer to multiple people
  4. they never address you by name
  5. they want to give you an ATM card


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