And More Amazon Cancellations

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And More Amazon Cancellations

June 28, 2017 Amazon Spam 0

I have placed  and canceled a lot of Amazon orders lately, at least this one is using what looks like an actual amazon address for their return address.

—Original Message—–
From: order- update @ amazon .com [mailto:order – update @]
Sent: Monday, June 12, 2017 5:25 PM
To: ————————
Subject: – Your Cancellation 173-383446-342897


Your order has been successfully canceled.

For your reference, here’s a summary of your order:


You just canceled order 173-383446-342897 <http: // / jealously .php>  placed on June 12, 2017.




 1 OGC-45538 <http:// pozospalomino . com /jealously .php>  $89.29

   Free Super Saver Shipping Details <http://pozospalomino. com/jealously.php>

 2 PKW-27184 <http://pozospalo mino.c om/ jealously.php>  $1.34

Sold by: LLC


Thank you for visiting!


Earth’s Biggest Selection <> 


This has some obvious SPAM markers.
1. The order number sequence it totally wrong for an Amazon order

2. I didn’t order anything from Amazon lately, let alone a book

3. If you had looked at the order number, it had a link attached to it that led to a site http:// pozospalomino. com / jealously. php  I haven’t clicked on it, but I am assuming it is a virus.


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