Month: March 2013

A collection of Spam

Can we be Friends?

NO really, I WANT to be your friend  sent from: From: joy dioma <> To: Sent: Sunday, September 2, 2012 11:11 AM Subject: HI DEAR   Dear Compliments to you and i hope you are doing great. Please Can we be friends? I am looking for a true and sincere friend for relationship. I…
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March 24, 2013 2

A New One From Yahoo

Somehow I just don’t think so. I killed the link, but it went to . html. Any and all correspondences from Yahoo will have their logo in it, but also , it will come from and be linked to a real address. Just remember, if you are not sure about something log in…
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March 23, 2013 0

He Wants me to be his Trustee

 Sent From: <>; From: Zenab Justin <> To: Sent: Saturday, September 1, 2012 6:08 PM Subject: Beloved, Beloved, Let me first introduce myself to you My name is Zenab Justin Yak, 24years old originated from Sudan. I really want to have a good relationship with you. My father Dr. Justin Yak Arop was the…
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March 22, 2013 19

And Post #3 From Reader Wahab

And in this one our good friend Wahab has a widow asking for help to some investments in his country. Somehow I don’t think Wahab helped her. —– Mail transféré —– De : Fatou Abdoulaye Usman <> À : Envoyé le : Vendredi 31 août 2012 22h17 Objet : AIDE POUR INVESTIR DANS VOTRE PAYS / ENTREPRISE…
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March 21, 2013 0

Post #2 from reader Wahab

Thank you for sending them over. This is in French, my French hasn’t been used in years but I will tell all of you that this is a pick-up line. Wahab has a hot 29-year-old marketing consultant named Monique hitting on them. —– Mail transféré —– De : “” <> À : Envoyé le : Jeudi 30…
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March 20, 2013 2

I Have a Whole Series from Reader Wahab

Here is #1 from Wahab – Thank you very much for sending your spam over. —– Mail transféré —– De : Re majer <> À : Envoyé le : Samedi 1 septembre 2012 2h56 Objet : HELLO DEAR?   HELLO DEAR? Am miss Rebeca,interested in you,And wish to have you as my friend, for friend is all about…
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March 19, 2013 0

Email From a Refugee Camp

 Sent From: <>; From: Eva Okoko <> To: Sent: Friday, August 31, 2012 5:50 AM Subject: FROM MISS EVA OKOKO Good day and how are you , I am Miss Eva Martey Okoko 22 years old from Abidjan economic capital city of Coted’Ivoire. I solicit your urgent help to get my inheritance transfered to…
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March 17, 2013 0


I don’t even understand the purpose behind this one, and remember I leave them in the format I receive them. Maybe he was trying for a Haiku?  Address sent from: From: hassana <> To: Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2012 4:49 AM Subject: Hello Am Hassana, i have something to tell you contact me back…
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March 16, 2013 0

ATM Cash Reward

I’ve never heard of an ATM cash reward, is that like you see in the movies where the machine just spews out money? From: Atm Cash Card Award <> To: Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 9:34 AM Subject: RE You have been awarded with the sum of $4,000,000.00 contact Mr.Barnet Catford for more details cell…
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March 15, 2013 0